Wood Dale Assessing Streets For Road Maintenance With Vehicle Camera

Bernie Tafoya
August 13, 2019 - 1:33 pm
A vehicle with a camera mounted on it in northwest suburban Wood Dale

Wood Dale Public Works Dept


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- No, that’s not a Google StreetView vehicle snapping pictures this week in northwest suburban Wood Dale.

The city of Wood Dale is going high-tech this week in an effort to map out its road maintenance priorities for the next five years.

For the rest of the week, a pick-up truck with a special rear-mounted camera will ride along every street and alley in Wood Dale--all 46.2 miles of streets and 1.2 miles of alleys.

The camera will be taking pictures to give engineers a good idea of road conditions so Wood Dale officials can set priorities for making repairs for the next five years.

“They’ll use that to assign ratings to the street section and that way we can develop what type of maintenance is necessary for that road, whether it’s cracks, sealing or patching or a total resurfacing or reconstruction," said Wood Dale Assistant Public Works Director Al Lange.

Lange said it’s the first time the city has used this technology.

“Typical evaluations are done with a crew out in the field conducting surveys, logging their information in a journal," he said.

Lange said the street efficiency study costs about $29,000.

He said the new method is becoming the standard for pavement evaluations.