Willowbrook Wildlife Center At Capacity For Cottontail Bunnies, Raccoons

Bernie Tafoya
July 12, 2019 - 1:29 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A DuPage County animal rehab center said it is temporarily at capacity for a couple of different kinds of baby animals. 

"We get a lot of babies in this time of year," said Krystle Piwowar, naturalist at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Wheaton.

And right now, the center is at capacity for baby cottontail bunnies and raccoons. 

Piwowar said there are 50 raccoons who’ll be cared for until fall.

"We need to be able to provide them with caging and food and proper diet and for small, little guys, we have to give them multiple feedings throughout the day, which requires a lot of staff time," she said.

Piwowar said the ban on more baby bunnies may be lifted soon because some being cared for now may be set free next week.

baby cottontail bunnies
Krystle Piwowar of the Willowbrook Wildlife Center

"They grow up a little bit faster and are able to be independent much faster than the raccoons," she said.

The center relies on people bringing in animals for help and this is the time of the year animals are reproducing and more people are noticing them.

baby raccoons
Krystle Piwowar of the Willowbrook Wildlife Center

According to Piwowar, "People are out and about more during the warmer months of the year and they just happen to stumble upon more animals that need their help."

Capacity for cottontail bunnies varies depending upon available staff time. Capacity for baby raccoons is 50.