VIDEO: Irish CPD Officers Wish Everyone A Happy St. Patrick's Day

Meet and hear from the officers originally from Ireland

Shannon Blum
March 15, 2019 - 9:20 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Chicago Police Department!

What better way for CPD to wish the city of Chicago a Happy St. Patrick's Day, than to post a video of a ride along with two officers originally from Ireland? Plus there are added wishes from a few additional Irish officers.

The video begins with Officer Casey reminiscing with Officer O'Connor about St. Patrick's Day back in Ireland.

"Remember St. Patrick's Day at home, when we were small - did you have to go pick the shamrocks?" Casey asked.

O'Connor: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Casey: That was my job. Every St. Patrick's Day before Mass. Go to the field and pick as many shamrocks as possible so every one of us would have a nice bunch.

The video continues with some introductions.

"I am Officer Casey from County Kerry, Ireland. I've been in Chicago about 28 years and I've been with the police department for about 16. And I want to wish everybody here and in Ireland, and all over the world, a Happy St. Patrick's Day," she said, still with an Irish brogue. 

Another officer, born in Dublin, Ireland said he came to Chicago in 1993 and joined the police department in 1997.

"I am a 22-year veteran and I am just sending this out to wish everybody a Happy St. Patrick's Day this year," he said.

The ride along with Officers Casey and O'Connor continues, as they see an Irish dancer near the Chicago River.

Casey asked, isn't the downtown and South Side St. Patrick's Day parades this weekend?

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"Yeah Casey, both the downtown and South Side St. Patrick's Day parades are this weekend," O'Connor said. 

The video cuts to an introduction of Officer Lally, who is assigned to the 25th District. He is originally from a little village in County Mayo, Ireland. 

"I've been in Chicago for about 18 years almost and I've been a Chicago Police Officer for almost seven years now. I just wanted to wish everybody back home in Ireland and all over the world, and Chicago here, a very happy St. Patrick's Day," Lally said.

Curious what Lally's first experience of downtown's St. Patrick's Day was like?

"It was actually when I ended up working it as a police officer. And suffice to say, it was a very interesting experience that day. I just want to remind everybody to enjoy the day, responsibly," he said, with a laugh.

Of course, the video brings you back to the ride along, where Officer O'Connor begins to sing, "Oh Danny Boy."

"O'Connor, what's wrong with you," Casey asked, as O'Connor laughs.

O'Conner said what he misses the most about Ireland is the tea.

"Well I get it over here, but yeah, it just seems to taste better at home, I don't know why," Casey responds. "Especially on a cold winter's evening by the fire. A nice cup of tea and a few biscuits."

O'Connor agrees.

He has been a Chicago Police Officer for 16 years and has been in the United States for almost 30 years. Originally he is from County Meath, Ireland.

The video closes with the Chicago Police Department message, wishing everyone a "Happy St. Patrick's Day. Please remember to celebrate responsibly."