UPDATE: Kids Recant On Claims Of Duct-Tape Candy Robbery

Bernie Tafoya
August 06, 2019 - 1:25 pm
Monkey Bars at Playground

HUNTLEY (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Two boys who claimed they were robbed of candy by a pair of teens -- with one of the boys being duct-taped to gym equipment -- have recanted their story, police in northwest suburban Huntley said Tuesday afternoon.

Two brothers, 6 and 8, originally claimed they were using outdoor fitness equipment Monday at Deicke Park near the Stingray Bay water park when two teens approached them on bikes, according to a statement from Huntley police. One of the teenagers grabbed the 8-year-old boy’s wrist, took his candy, and duct-taped his wrist to a pole on the fitness equipment, police originally reported. The two teens then left the park and the the 6-year-old boy asked for help from a park employee.

Police said Tuesday that the boys' story changed when they were re-interviewed later.

"The juveniles ultimately recanted their story and stated that they were playing a game. Due to the age of the juveniles, there will be no criminal charges and the consequences will be handled by the parents," Huntley Police said on Facebook.