Shedd Aquarium Members Choose Names For Two Magellanic Penguin Chicks

Welcome Calista and Carmen!

WBBM Newsradio Staff
August 20, 2019 - 12:56 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Two chicks at the Shedd now have names - welcome Calista and Carmen!

The Shedd Aquarium announced Tuesday the names of the two Magellanic penguin chicks, previously known as Chick 420 and 421. 

The chosen names - Calista and Carmen - were chosen by aquarium members. The Shedd offered an exclusive, week-long opportunity for members to vote on five pairs of names for the two penguin chicks. 

Shedd Aquarium officially announced the names of two new Magellanic penguin chicks previously known as Chick 420 and 421.
©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez

The five pairs of names were selected by the animal care team to reflect the geographic native habitats of Magellanic penguins - with these two names deriving from Isla Calista, Falkland Islands and Carmen, Argentina. The other pairs of names were Rosie and Reina, Sara and Solis or Loma and Lively.

The Shedd Aquarium welcomed the two Magellanic penguin chicks following the annual breeding season that began with nesting in late March. Both eggs were laid by the same pair of penguins - Chile and JR. The newest penguin arrivals are Shedd's second and third Magellanic chicks born and bred at the aquarium.

Guests have the chance to see Calista (Chick 420) and Carmen (Chick 421) in the aquarium's Polar Play Zone, as they were recently introduced to the habitat and the rest of the colony. You can identify them by their coloring as the young chicks are a bit lighter and grayer than the other penguins, according to the Shedd.