Vallas Vows To Bring Development To Struggling Neighborhoods As Mayor

Craig Dellimore
August 23, 2018 - 1:12 pm

WBBM Newsradio/Craig Dellimore


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is vowing to bring development to parts of Chicago he said Mayor Emanuel has been ignoring.

Challenger Paul Vallas said as mayor he’d bring economic revitalization to Chicago’s long-neglected communities on the South, West and Southeast sides. Downtown, he said, is getting all the attention now. 

But recently in Bronzeville the Mayor said a fund paid for by downtown developers is making investments in the struggling areas.  

"Our challenge is to make that central business district work for all parts of the city of Chicago, not some parts," Emanuel said.

But Vallas scoffs at that.

"First of all he waited until 2016 to do the Neighborhood Oppotunity Fund. I think we should have elections every year, because then we get the quick response. Everything becomes a priority," Vallas said.

He said Emanuel has had seven years to spread investments fairly around the city but failed to do it.

Vallas said the city needs to use more local businesses and hire from the neighborhoods, with the help of better education and training, among other things.

A statement from an Emanuel campaign spokeswoman said, “This is another installment in the saga of Paul Vallas’ financial failures, promising a ‘plan’ with no way to pay for it.”