'Kit Kat Klub On Acid': New Venue Transforms Into 'Spiegeltent Zazou'

Lisa Fielding
April 17, 2019 - 12:12 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Things are a buzz on the 14th floor of the Cambia Hotel as construction is underway for the newest venue in Chicago entertainment.

"We've waited a long time to come to Chicago," said Stan Feig, Managing Partner, Randolph Entertainment. "It's a fabulous, vibrant city, a city that welcomes business."

Feig was on a quest to find the perfect space to bring the 20-year-old show, "Love, Chaos, & Dinner" to Chicago, which began in Seattle.

"The only issue we had here was weather. We made the decision early on that this show would be indoors. All the other spiegeltents that have ever been set up in the world was indoors," Feig said.

The Spiegeltent ZaZou
WBBM Newsradio/Lisa Fielding

Teatro ZinZanni was created by Norman Langill and was once described as "the Moulin Rouge meets Cirque du Soleil." The show is a blend of European cabaret, circus arts, fine dining, and vaudeville performed in a Belgian spiegeltent which is a 4,000 piece mirror tent.

It took several years to pick the perfect spot.

Broadway in Chicago

"Where to find an indoor space to accommodate a Spiegeltent that is about 30 feet high, 90 feet across and we couldn't have any columns or obstructions...it took almost eight years looking at spaces, working with various developers and one day I got a call from Lou Raizin, the President of Broadway in Chicago and he said, get on a plane we found it," he laughed.

The previously forgotten space was discovered in 2017 during the renovation of the Cambria Hotel when dropped ceilings were removed revealing the original grand space within the 1926 historic building.

Stan Feig, Managing Partner, Randolph Entertainment
Broadway in Chicago

Feig takes us to the 14th floor and beams at the progress.

"We're on time," he laughed. "This is where the giant chandeliers will be," as he walks into the entrance.

"It's romantic, it's lush, it's intimate. The majority of the performances happen in the center of the spiegeltent literally above you, as you're dining or having drinks," he said.

Love, Chaos & Dinner
Broadway in Chicago

"You have a combination of comedy, wonderful music, a spectacular chanteuses, Lady Rizzo. We have acrobat, literally flying over your table, you'll see all sorts of artistry. Part of the magic of the show is that there is no separation between the audience and the show. That's what makes the experience so unique," Feig said.

"Love, Chaos & Dinner" has played to sold out audiences in Seattle and San Francisco.

"When you enter the spiegeltent, you'll experience a four-course dinner or a lunch. It's about delivering the experience."

The Spiegeltent ZaZou Chicago
WBBM Newsradio/Lisa Fielding

The menu will be designed by Chicago’s own Debbie Sharpe – The Goddess in The Goddess and Grocer.

There are four musicians and 11 performers. Performers over the years have included internationally recognized names like Joan Baez and Ann Wilson.

"It's a space people come to celebrate. We promise you once you exit the 14th floor you'll be amazed," Feig said.

Love, Chaos & Dinner
Broadway in Chicago

"Love, Chaos & Dinner" will open in Chicago July 18.

"We're excited to be here. Chicago was my only choice. I never looked at another place. We belong here and we're excited. This is the first time anyone has seen this space in progress. We're going to keep the surprise. We want you to come in with a wow and leave with a wow," he said.

"Love, Chaos, & Dinner" performances begin July 18 at The Spiegeltent ZaZou, located on the 14th floor of the Cambria Hotel Chicago, in the Loop's Theatre District. Tickets go on sale April 12 and will be available for performances from July 18 through Sept. 29. They can be purchased at BroadwayInChicago.com

Check out the time-lapse video below of the tent being put together.