Joniak's Journal: Bears Plan To Keep Dancing

"Club Dub" has sparked a new Chicago craze.

Jeff Joniak
December 19, 2018 - 6:11 pm

(WBBM Newsradio) The Bears (10-4) are on the road to face the 49ers (4-10) on Sunday afternoon as they look to improve upon their playoff seeding after clinching the NFC North last weekend. Here are the observations and notes of the day as they continued preparations Wednesday.

First impression

Postgame locker room dance parties after Bears wins, known as "Club Dub," have sparked a new Chicago craze. It was born out of a conversation between Bears coach Matt Nagy and Cubs manager Joe Maddon, whose team has celebrated after wins for years. It's proving to be another small example of a tight Bears team growing tighter as it gears up for the playoffs.

"I can’t tell you too much because it is pretty secretive what goes down in there," Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky said. "You guys are missing out." 

Club Dub was off the hook Sunday after the Bears clinched the NFC North crown with a 24-17 win against the Packers. It has progressively grown over the course of the season.  Some players do it up big, while others just sway back and forth.

The defining result is it brings the team together after winning together.

"In this business, sometimes you overlook the fact how special a win is," Trubisky said. "You got to remember to enjoy this. The dance parties, Club Dub has made this experience so much better and it has become something very special to this team."

Nagy love it.

"Dancing puts you in a good mood," he said. "It’s a way for people to celebrate. They’re all doing it together. I love the fact that everybody else likes it. That’s a good thing. We like having fun."

Second thought

These are the dancing Bears, as they've danced dating back to training camp with music blaring. They dance after wins. They dance on Saturday mornings -- two offensive players and two defensive players, names pulled out of a hat.

"We decided to have a little competition," Nagy said. "Offense versus defense. We take five minutes in the morning and then we give them rewards for the team. We have a little American Idol stand down there with three people ... They are voters."

Rewards go to the winning side. What those rewards are remain a mystery.

"We have it on video, but there is only one person who gets that video -- me," Nagy said. "No cell phones."

Third degree

Every meeting for the Bears has consistently been themed with a message from Nagy, who specific.

"Not being satisfied," he said. "It’s easy to be happy with where we are at. We are not satisfied. That’s a good thing. We did reach a goal that we had. We want more. We know there is a lot more hard work ahead of us."

The Bears will do everything in their power to beat the 49ers on Sunday, which includes playing all their healthy starters as they eye the highest seed possible in the NFC playoff picture, Nagy said. The Bears won't entertain resting starters unless there's nothing to play for in terms of the seed line. 

The Bears currently are the third seed in the NFC. They trail the top-seeded Saints by two games and the second-seeded Rams by one game. The Bears hold the tiebreaker over the Rams by virtue of a head-to-head win.


Bears safety Eddie Jackson (sprained ankle) and outside linebacker Aaron Lynch (sprained elbow) didn't practice Wednesday. The good news is that their injuries aren't believed to be season-ending, Nagy said.

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