Joniak's Journal: Bears' Kevin White Willing To Fill Any Role

White reset his mindset several weeks ago.

Jeff Joniak
October 25, 2018 - 7:12 pm

LAKE FOREST (WBBM Newsradio) -- The Bears (3-3) continued preparations to face the Jets (3-4) on Sunday. Here are the notes and observations of the day.

First impression

Finding a smiling and optimistic Kevin White in the Bears locker room before Thursday’s practice was good to see. He has been through a lot. I have a feeling it's more than we really can comprehend. Picked No. 7 overall in the 2015 draft, his career turned repeatedly after missing the bulk of three seasons with broken bones.

For the first time in 2018, White on Sunday caught passes, and he hopes it's another step in the right direction.

"Long time coming," White said simply.

Overcoming all of those injuries and now filling a smaller role as opposed to having an opportunity to start has been an adjustment mentally. White called it "super hard."

"First time I had to take this path," White said. "It took a little bit to kind of get everything correct and perform. It’s just another page to my book. It’s another chapter. It will be a heckuva book one day."

White is continuing his perseverance. 

Second thought

Whether a player is at the top or working up from the bottom as a youngster, it's a long, hard journey in the NFL. White believes his window for success is opening in the journey that can be so complex.

"Nobody cares about your book unless you win," White said. "I have got to win and make this a success story somehow, some way, whether it’s this year or next year. Within my career, I am confident it will happen, and if it doesn’t, then it’s God’s plan and at least I can say I put my all in."

Third degree

White is committed to filling his role and on board with whatever task is asked of him. He reset his approach a couple of weeks ago.

"Before it was more like me against the world," White said. "More anger than anything, I guess. That’s not who I am. For the first time in my career, it actually felt like work. I had to adjust some things. It wasn’t the right way. There’s a lot of things that happen in people’s careers in this business that are out of your control. I am a great team player, no matter what it is. Whether it’s blocking or catching or supporting my teammates, that’s what I’ll do. It definitely took a little time."

The anger White spoke of wasn't destructive but rather internal. H just wasn't himself. Family helped him. His agent helped him. Teammates helped him. Some in the Bears front office helped him. So did conversations with coach Matt Nagy.

White feels they were productive. White wants to help, and he respects Nagy. On the flip side, Nagy knows how competitive White is.


Earlier this week, Nagy called White probably the best blocking receiver on the Bears. White is big enough and strong enough to move defenders, creating the opportunity for smaller gains to turn into bigger gains.

"I take a lot of pride in blocking," White said. "I just take a lot of pride at the receiver position and being a competitor and a football player. This is what I do, and I want to be really good at it. I want to be great at it, to be correct. If it's blocking, I want to be the best blocker. Route running ... be more crisp.

"Getting off the line ... be a technician. The ball is in the air, it’s mine."

I'll have more with White in Sunday’s Countdown to Kickoff on WBBM’s Bears pregame coverage at about 10:20 a.m. from Soldier Field in the on-air version of Joniak’s Journal.

Jeff Joniak is the play-by-play announcer for the Bears broadcasts on WBBM Newsradio 780 & 105.9 FM. Follow him on Twitter @JeffJoniak.