Joniak: Dave Toub Savors Super Bowl Win

Toub coached for the Bears from 2004-12.

Jeff Joniak
February 03, 2020 - 1:48 pm

MIAMI (WBBM Newsradio) -- Here are the news and notes from the aftermath of the Chiefs' 31-20 victory against the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday evening.

--- While the Super Bowl champion Chiefs celebrated late into Sunday night, the Bears coaching staff got up early and went to work Monday morning. They're back at Halas Hall formulating their 2020 plan. With the confetti settled, reinvigoration rules the day. Teams want what the Chiefs now have -- the Lombardi Trophy.

--- A year ago at this time, the 49ers were coming off a 12-loss season and starting quarterback Jimmy was rehabbing a torn ACL. The Chiefs were bemoaning an overtime loss to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game and were concerned about their defense. The point is anything is possible.

--- Maybe the 2019 Bears never got over the sting of their loss to the Eagles in the wild-card round the season prior. Perhaps 2019 was a reality check for the Bears. If expectations are to be ramped up for 2020, it will take time, money and smart decisions.

--- The Chiefs' rise to prominence was about much more than just quarterback Patrick Mahomes' excellence. They signed safety Tyrann Mathieu and traded for pass rusher Frank Clark, whom they then signed to a long-term deal. Those two moves changed the attitude of the Chiefs' defense, and they played with attitude in the second half in the Super Bow. Those are the type of smart decisions that push a playoff team into true championship contention.

--- The business of football takes over with the season done. The Bears have a tight salary cap that will require some creative financing. Salary cap cuts and the restructuring of contracts will grab league headlines across the league as teams clear the books to make room for free agents and additions in the NFL Draft.

--- Will the Bears further invest in receiver Allen Robinson this offseason? Is there something they can do with outside linebacker Leonard Floyd to create more cap space? How much capital will be needed to rehabilitate the tight end position? How will the Bears handle the safety position after Eddie Jackson signed an extension? How much are they willing to spend in cash and resources for a backup quarterback? Those are all significant questions that the Bears must answer this offseason.

--- Chiefs coach Andy Reid is getting the accolades that he deserves. His 222nd win as a head coach (207 in the regular season, 15 in the playoffs) marked the end of his elusive search for a championship. His Hall of Fame credentials now assured, Reid wants another title. It may be just as difficult to earn. Mahomes is an unselfish person, but he will still break the bank when the Chiefs extend his contract. It will complicate their salary cap and force the Chiefs to get creative in how they develop and secure their assets at various positions.

--- I talked to Chiefs special team coordinator and former Bears assistant Dave Toub on Monday morning. He called his Super Bowl-winning experience "unbelievable" and "fabulous." "I’m so happy for Andy," Toub said. "It was a nice long hug, a lot longer than normal. I had a tear in my eye. It was all good."

--- Toub started with Reid in Philadelphia in 2001 as a special teams assistant. He then coached in Chicago from 2004-'12. "I feel dynamite, I feel awesome," Toub said. "You know it’s finally starting to sink in this morning. It felt like a dream last night. It’s a great feeling. It’s definitely addicting, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t mind getting another one, but I just want to enjoy this one right now."

--- With Mahomes, the Chiefs never feel like they're out of a game. He’s now 3-1 across two postseasons when the Chiefs trail by 10 points or more. It’s unusual. "You always have that thing in the back of your mind ... never quit, never quit," Toub said. "(The 49ers) came to play. That defense is good. They were flying around and getting after us. Then all of a sudden (Mahomes) took it to another level. It was crazy."

--- Toub’s son Shane is on Bears coach Matt Nagy’s staff. For Shane, being there to watch his dad win a championship was a priceless experience. "He experienced the whole thing with me," Dave said. "We took a picture with the trophy, and he said, 'I can’t touch it. I don’t deserve to touch it.' That’s the way he is. He wants to get one, and he wants to be able to hoist it just like everybody else. He wants to earn it. He gets it. That’s what I love about him."

--- If the 49ers had hung on the fourth quarter, Defensive Rookie of the Year Nick Bosa would've been a candidate for MVP. He was at the core of the pressure that Mahomes faced throughout the night and had a sack and a forced fumble. He hurried Mahomes into throws and hit him a few times.

--- Mahomes' 44 yard-pass to Tyreek Hill on third-and-15 with about seven minutes to play turned the Super Bowl. It was called "Tre Right, Three Jet Chip Wasp." It was the stinger that saved the Chiefs. 

--- The impressive part of that throw was that Mahomes let it rip off his back foot as 6-foot-7-inch DeForest Buckner of the 49ers lowered the boom on him. The pass traveled nearly 60 yards in the air until Hill tracked it down on his corner route. From that point, it was all Kansas City. Travis Kelce scored a touchdown four plays later. The Chiefs were the first team in Super Bowl history to score 21 points in the fourth quarter.

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