Illinois Tollway Twitter Accounts Add Weather Advisories

Bernie Tafoya
December 12, 2018 - 1:24 pm

WBBM Newsradio/Bernie Tafoya


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The Illinois Tollway has begun offering real-time weather condition reports on Twitter to help motorists during their travels.

The tollway system has five different Twitter feeds for each of the five tollways in the area and now, if you “follow” any one of them, you’ll get weather and pavement condition reports in addition to reports already being given on accidents, stalls and lane closures.  

Tollway executive director Liz Gorman said, "it’s really important, especially as we come into the winter weather season so this is a very timely planning tool for our customers to be able to use so if they need to make an adjustment to their trips."

The tollway operations center will gather weather and pavement info from its crews on-the-road in addition to the more than 1,200 cameras it has along I-94-294, I-88, I-90, I-355 and I-390.

Spokesman Rich Bossert said you’ll have to check the Twitter feed for your particular tollway to find out conditions on it. He said the reason is, "if we were to push all the alerts on one channel, everyone would be getting alerted to every roadway and every update and that’s just bombarding people so this allows them to pick and choose the corridor they want to be updated on."

The five tollway Twitter feeds are:

  • @94_294_Tollway
  • @I_90_Tollway
  • @I_88_Tollway
  • @I_355_Tollway
  • @IL_390_Tollway

The tollway system's main Twitter feed does not carry the weather and pavement info. It's @ILTollway.