Father Pfleger, Organizations Plan Trip To D.C. For An 'End Gun Violence' Rally

Mike Krauser
September 04, 2019 - 1:28 pm

Reverend Father Michael Pfleger/Facebook


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A dozen or so local organizations pushing for federal gun control legislation are making a trip to Washington D.C. for a national rally at the Capitol building on Sept. 25 while there’s a hearing on an assault weapons ban.  

The organizations include Lurie Children's Hosptial, Women's March Chicago, and St. Sabina Catholic Church where participants gathered Wednesday to discuss the event, announce their support for the rally, and encourage others to attend.

"We stand united to end gun violence," the groups announced.

Father Michael Pfleger said members of Congress need to listen to the people when it comes to ending mass shootings. He noted there have been more than 251 mass shootings in the United States.  

"Legislators have to know that America is not going to sit still and continue to see mass shootings and do nothing," Fr. Pfleger said. "I heard Mitch McConnell say well he's not going to call a bill, unless the President says he'd sign it. His job is to call a bill, pass a bill, and demand the President sign it; not wait to have the President say he would sign it. What kind of stooge is he that he only does what the President tells him to do?"

The local contingent will join like-minded groups from across the country attempting to get the attention of Congress.  

Fr. Pfleger said they want an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, and the titling of guns, like cars. 

"Until we have some federal gun laws, we are going to continue to see this mass murder going on not just around the country, but on the streets of Chicago," he said.

The Aurora man who builds crosses and places them at the scenes of shootings, Greg Zanis, said he plans to be there with 1,000 crosses.   

"I am going to bring a cross for everybody whi was killed in Chicago this year," Zanis said. "And I am inviting victims from all over the country to come out and be apart of this."

Fr. Pfleger said he hoped to fill 10 busses to make the trip.  

On the day of the rally demanding Congress pass Common Sense Gun Safety Laws, Congress will have a hearing on an “Assault Weapon Ban.”