CPD Create Video Welcoming Guests To Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

The Star Wars Celebration takes place April 11-15 at McCormick Place

Mike Krauser
April 11, 2019 - 7:06 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The force will be strong in Chicago this weekend - and so will the police force.

The Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 kicks off Thursday at McCormick Place celebrating the iconic movie series. Over 35,000 fans from galaxies near and far, far away will gather for the five-day celebration running from Thursday, April 11 to Monday, April 15. 

"The Star Wars Celebration revels in the excitement of new movies, television shows, books and comics while also commemorating the vast history of the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Celebration has something special for every kind of Star Wars fan!" the event's website reads.

The Chicago Police Department went full geek Wednesday night and created a tribute video to celebrate the event and welcome guests from around the world to Chicago. 

"It is a period of celebration. Beings from across galaxies are converging on planet Earth's Chicago, Illinois for a massive get together of the much beloved, Star Wars," the video starts out reading. "However, sinister forces are at work. A garrison of Imperial Stormtroopers led by the vile Lord Darth Vader, are headed there with plans of a surprise attack in an attempt to ruin everything. Only the Guardians of Peace, the Chicago Police, can stop this threat and save the Celebration from certain disaster."

The video continues with a space craft landing in Chicago and then the scene flashes to a member of the resistance delivering a message, alerting an officer about who is descending on Chicago. The message has been sent through an R2 unit.

"To the peace keepers known to your world as the Chicago Police Department, as you are aware, beings from both our galaxies are headed to your planet city for a celebration. I have placed this message into the memory system of this R2 unit and sent it ahead in hope that it makes it to you on time. You are about to be invaded by evil forces, who plan to spoil the party. Their lust for control and power cannot be allowed to go unchecked. It is the utmost importance that you stop them in time and thwart their efforts to spoil the fun. This is our most desperate hour. Help me CPD, you are our only hope," the hologram message states.

Viewers then see Darth Vader and Stormtroopers landing in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport; then later on, Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers are seen marching through Millennium Park near the Bean. Two even stopped to take a selfie! But were caught by police and had their blasters confiscated.

But the video is not all about the evil forces. There is a scene with an officer and Chewbacca in Millennium Park eating hotdogs, with the officer explaining that you cannot put ketchup on a Chicago dog.

And no Star Wars movie is complete without a battle. The video ends with a battle between a Jedi and Darth Vader near the Jay Pritzker Pavilion...watch the video above to find out how the battle ends.

The Chicago Police Department also announced that, like any large public event in the city, there will be heightened security efforts. Extra officers will be on hand to assist with public safety, crowd and traffic control. Fans can expect screenings and bag checks as well, and a visible presence of uniformed officers in and around McCormick Place.

Police remind everyone that any suspicious or unusual activity should be immediately reported to police by calling 911 or sending information anonymously through www.CPDTIP.org.

The Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019, hosted by Disney and LucasFilm, is the first Star Wars Celebration since 2017. Fans can receive autographs and photos with Star Was stars like Hayden Christenson, Paul Bettany, Forest Whittaker, Billy Dee Williams, and both Chewbaccas - Peter Mayhew from the classic movies and Joonas Suotamo from more recent films.

"Celebration - Lucasfilm's love letter to fans - is days of major announcements, immersive exhibits, an interactive show floor, screenings, exclusive merchandise, celebrity guests, panels, autograph sessions, fan-inspired activities, costumes and other surprises celebrating all things Star Wars! Star Wars Celebration is truly a once in a lifetime experience where memories are made, families are brought together, old friends are reunited, and new friendships forged — all in the setting of the ever-evolving Star Wars universe," the event's website reads.

The Chicago Police Department thanks Disney and LucasFilm for choosing Chicago as the celebration location.