Shannon Blum

Digital Content Producer

Shannon Blum was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, and was honored to land a job in Chicago after college. She joined WBBM Newsradio in the fall of 2016 as their Digital Content Producer.

Shannon attended Columbia College Chicago, where she double majored in journalism and fashion, with a minor in fashion business. She earned her Bachelor's in the spring of 2016.

Growing up, Shannon was encouraged to become a writer by many of her teachers, so when it was time to decide what to study in college, journalism seemed to be a great fit. But, writing was not her only interest. Originally, Shannon wanted to go to college to study fashion, but wanted to be safe, so she double major with journalism. One of the greatest decisions, she said, she has ever made. Once in college and taking journalism classes, Shannon grew a love of the industry and found it was something she truly excelled at. Combining her love of fashion and journalism, Shannon’s original plan was to work for a fashion publication, but after getting a taste of the broadcast world at an internship her plans changed.

Shannon interned at NBC Chicago in their digital department. There she grew interest in working for a news station and found it to be the “best of both worlds” to be able to write, yet still be surrounded by a broadcast atmosphere. She gained hands-on experience working in a newsroom and writing for their website. During her three months there, she had over 30 articles published, attended and helped cover the Special Olympics Polar Plunge and the Shamrock Shuffle, and assisted in preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

After graduating, Shannon landed a part-time job with CBS Chicago’s digital team. Within a few months, she was promoted to full-time with WBBM Newsradio.

When not generating content for WBBM Newsradio, Shannon enjoys going to concerts, attending street festivals, trying new places in the city, traveling, and online shopping.