Year Of Love: One Woman Shared Positivity To Social Media Every Day Of The Year

Bernie Tafoya
December 28, 2018 - 2:02 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A North Side woman is days away from completing an ambitious New Year’s resolution that she calls #yearoflove.

If Jen Kramer were going to write a #yearoflove social media post about herself, she might start it something like: This is Jen. She’s arguably Chicago’s #1 fan, is terribly giving, self-less and hard-working. She’s outgoing and never leaves home without her smile.

“In today’s day and age, when things seem contentious and people are very prone to argue, I thought, what a wonderful way to spend my year in really just looking for where love would show up for me," said the 48-year-old director of events for DePaul University.

#yearoflove is something Jen Kramer started Jan. 1 of this year. Once a day, she posted on Facebook or Instagram a picture and a paragraph about a sorority sister, her hair stylist or dry cleaner, a local reporter or a homeless man she’d see each day.

One day, she featured Anthony, a homeless man who is often on her block in the Loop. She wrote that she made friends with him and it made him feel nice talking to someone.

"I had people, a friend, send a brand new NorthFace jacket for Anthony and offer me money to buy him some things he might need," she said. 

Courtesy Jen Kramer

Courtesy Jen Kramer

To some, posting something nice and uplifting about 365 people might seem like a daunting task. Even Kramer jokingly admits the only thing she knows she does 365 days a year is brush her teeth. 

“One time this summer, I had totally forgotten and woke up in the middle of the night. Ahhhh! I forgot! And, I did two the next day," she said.

Many have asked Kramer who will be featured Dec. 31. She doesn’t know yet.

Courtesy Jen Kramer

“I had that sense of panic. There’s more people than there are days, which has me believe that it just needs to continue,” she said of the project

Kramer said her #yearoflove experiment now has her looking for love wherever she goes. She added it has also made her relationships with others much richer and deeper.

She intends to continue running #yearoflove-type posts in some way — although maybe not every day — into 2019. You can view more of her posts from the year here and see how she rounds out 2018.

This is Lupe. I only see him a few times a month but each and every time he smiles that huge smile at me. We chat about life and his kids, and how glad we are to see each other. Lupe has 5 children. He’s worked for @lettuceentertainyou for 25 years. He’s content, works hard and is one of the most incredibly pleasant people I know. Lettuce Entertain You, you’ve done it again. #yearoflove

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Disclaimer: Bernie Tafoya was featured in one of Kramer's #yearoflove posts.