Woman Born On Leap Year Marks 12th Birthday

Steve Miller
February 28, 2020 - 8:20 pm
Leap Year Baby Grows Up

Jen LaRue


(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Like the Olympics and presidential elections, Leap Years come around once every four years. 

This is one of those years, and Leap Babies get to celebrate their rightful birthday.

On Feb. 29, Jen LaRue of Tinley Park turns 12 years old. Okay, really she is 48.

Growing up is different when your birthday comes around once every four years, she says.

"Everybody gets a cupcake on their birthday. There are so many times I didn't get a cupcake,” LaRue said.

When her teacher would mark every student's birthday on the class calendar, hers ended up between February and March. In later years, she said the bursar’s office at Columbia College had trouble entering her birthday into the computer.

“I cannot be the first person ever in this school's history with this birthday,” she said.

The birthday she’s really looking forward to?

"I cannot wait to have my Sweet 16. I'm so excited for that one,” LaRue said.