Where Is The Snow & Cold? Meteorologist Says Winter Is Still Coming

Jennifer Keiper
January 31, 2020 - 11:26 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Where is winter?  Just around the corner, according to one expert, so now is the time to enjoy the milder temperatures.

Although the Chicago area has seen day after day of cloudy skies, Accuweather Meteorologist Dean Devore said "that's not necessarily that uncommon" and the reason behind the clouds is the warmer than average temperatures. 

Chicago has been almost 9-degrees above average since the start of winter on Dec. 21.  The city has had highs in the 30s in recent days, and it is expected to get close to 50 degrees on Sunday. 

Devore said that is when you can expect to see some sun, but the warm weather will not stick around for long. 

"The winter weather will try to push back a little bit here in the first couple of weeks of February, but about the middle of February it looks like a really cold push, again, for a couple of weeks of some below normal temperatures," he said. "Once we get through this little pause in winter again at the beginning of February, back into a place where the arctic air does dive down a little bit more and some frequent dives into that arctic air, and that is going to spin up what, I think, is more core snowstorms."

Devore said that could hit us in mid-February with snow to the north and west and a rain/sleet mix south of the city. 

So in the meantime, enjoy the warm weather Sunday. It may be a record-breaking day. The record of 51 degrees was set in 1992.