Uber, Arizona State Partner To Offer Free Education To Drivers

The higher education program will be introduced in eight cities including Chicago.

Rob Hart
November 02, 2018 - 8:05 am

AP Foto/Patrick Semansky


PHOENIX (WBBM NEWSRADIO/AP) -- A ride sharing company is teaming up with a university to help drivers further their education.

Uber and Arizona State University are working together to give some drivers the shot at a higher education.  Drivers who have provided 3,000 rides and have "platinum" or higher status will be eligible for the benefit that will allow them to take tuition-free online classes.

An applicant can earn a degree or go through a continuing education program. Drivers can also choose to transfer the opportunity to a family member such as a spouse, sibling or domestic partner.

Andy Challenger, vice president of the job placement firm Challenger, Gray, and Christmas said the so-called gig economy is having a hard time retaining workers in a booming job market.

"In this market, at 3.7 percent unemployment, everybody is fighting to retain and attract the best people out there," Challenger said.

The higher education program will be introduced in eight cities, including Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Orlando, Tampa and New Jersey. According to a news release, the money will come from Uber, ASU and aid programs.

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