Tinley Park Woman Fights To Get Rescued Coyote Back

Brandon Ison
December 08, 2019 - 7:19 pm
Tinley Park Woman coyotes rescue

Tomi Sue Tranchita/ photo


TINLEY PARK, ILL. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) --  Tomi Sue Tranchita has been an educator for non-releasable coyotes for the past 13 years under federal and state licensing.

Four Coyotes were taken from her Cook County property in April.  Now Tranchita wants one of them, a female named Luna, back after three have already died.

She said Indiana Coyote Rescue Center will give Luna back if the Illinois Department of Natural Resources tells them in writing that Tranchita is legally able to have the coyote on her property.

On Thursday, there will be a status call on a civil case she has filed against the IDNR, a case she said that the department is trying to get dismissed.

Thirteen years ago, Tranchita was working with a licensed rehab group and coyotes were given to them by the local animal control. 

In 2011, the IDNR went to Tranchita's property in unincorporated Tinley Park where those officers at that time instructed her that she would need to begin purchasing a fur-bearing mammal breeders permit.

Tranchita purchased the permit and maintained it for several years.  Then, through what she called a clerical error, she forgot to renew the permit. Tranchita said she immediately repurchased the $25-permit when she was made aware of her mistake in failing to renew it.

Then she said something unexpected occurred.  

Tomi Sue Tranchita rescued coyote
Tomi Sue Tranchita/ photo

A few months before her four coyotes were seized, the man who moved next door to her happened to be an IDNR employee. 

Tranchita said she believes her new neighbor, who is an IDNR officer, broke the rules when he began investigating her property, suspecting that he may have done so without his employer's permission. 

"There's no reason why [Luna> shouldn't be able to come back," said Tranchita, adding that the other coyotes died from stress associated with the raid. 

The IDNR, which WBBM contacted by email and phone, didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. A representative of the Flint Creek Wild Life Rehabilitation Center declined WBBM's request for comment. 

But, according to Tranchita, the IDNR attorney handling her case allegedly said that if she were to take Luna from the Indiana coyote rescue, the department would conduct another raid on her property and remove the coyote again. 

"They are trying to protect the officer that did quite a few things wrong," she said of the IDNR. "This is way beyond appropriate action."

Tranchita said she would be willing to drop the complaint if she gets Luna back.