Over $500K In Donations To Be Paid To Aurora Shooting Victims, Families

Sun-Times Media Wire
October 03, 2019 - 11:35 am

AURORA (WBBM NEWSRADIO) --  A charity will soon distribute more than half a million dollars in donations to the survivors and families of the victims of the February mass shooting at the Henry Pratt manufacturing plant in west suburban Aurora.

The Aurora/Pratt Survivors’ Fund Steering Committee has approved a plan to distribute $559,604.24 in donations collected for victims and their families, according to a statement from the National Compassion Fund, which administered the fundraising process.

“The Aurora community was well-represented by individuals on the committee who took very seriously their obligation to distribute these funds in a fair, transparent, and victim-centered manner,” steering committee chair Amber Drew said in the statement. “They thoughtfully considered every perspective and made the difficult decisions that were in the best interests of victims, their families, the community, and the intent of the donors.”

The money was donated by Henry Pratt’s parent company, Mueller Water Products, as well as donors throughout the state, country and world, according to the National Compassion Fund.

People injured in the shooting, families of the deceased and people present inside the Archer Building of the Henry Pratt plant at the time of the shooting were all eligible for benefits. A total of 29 applicants were approved to receive portions of the fund, according to officials.

Minors and “applicants with special needs” will be required under state law to set up trusts to receive the funds, while applicants without any special circumstances will receive payments in the next few weeks, charity administrators said.

Gary Martin, 45, opened fire at the factory on Feb. 15, killing five people and injuring six others, including five police officers, authorities said. He was ultimately shot and killed by police.

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