Snip! Chicago Locks Out Love Symbols

May 28, 2018 - 11:40 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- If your romantic relationship recently collapsed like a sandcastle at high tide, there is a chance the city of Chicago is to blame.

The smattering of padlocks on the Michigan Avenue bridge over the Chicago River are gone. This comes shortly after WBBM Newsradio spotted the bling on the bridge's curling ironwork earlier this month and asked the city's Department of Transportation -- quite innocuously -- whether these "love padlocks" have ever become a problem.

The Michigan Avenue bridge in mid-May 2018. (WBBM NEWSRADIO)

You may recall Paris, the "City of Love," said enough is enough to all the padlocks that multiplied and weighed down the Pont des Arts. They were removed in 2015. Other cities around the globe have tolerated the locks, which are meant to symbolize "true love forever."

Not Chicago. By May 25, the padlocks were gone from the Michigan Avenue Bridge. A city representative previously told DNAinfo the padlocks cannot remain because they are a safety hazard on moveable bridges that are lifted to make way for boats. In theory, someone could get beaned.