Showtime Premieres Documentary '16 Shots' On Laquan McDonald

Ariel Parrella-Aureli
June 14, 2019 - 5:21 pm

Chicago Police Department via AP


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Showtime's new documentary "16 Shots" about the Laquan McDonald case premieres tonight.

The documentary examines the cover-up of the high-profile 2014 Chicago shooting and takes an investigative look into the Chicago Police Department's mishandling of the case. 

Directed and written by Rick Rowley, the 95-minute documentary will air tonight at 8 p.m. CST. It was made possible by the Enterprise Documentary Fund by The International Documentary Association. 

Journalist Jamie Kalven takes the viewer through his investigation and talks about his findings that contradict the initial story of the shooting. Kalven, founder of the Invisible Institute, was the first to show the inaccurate discrepancies between CPD and witness accounts of the death — like the 87 minutes of missing video that eventually was released to the public.

Former Chicago Police Department top cop Garry McCarthy and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx are also seen in the documentary giving interviews, according to the trailer, as well as friends, activists and community members close to the murder. 

Chicago Reader reviewed the film today and wrote that while it serves the family justice to show the "right side of history," it does not go far enough to discuss the CPD "code of silence" that is rampant in the department has been exposed because of this case.

"...Rick Rowley pulls back the curtain on an institution noted for closing ranks. But by focusing primarily on the crime and its explosive aftermath and very little on McDonald himself, the filmmaker doesn't go far enough in his indictment of the CPD's so-termed "code of silence" because the problem doesn't stop with cover-ups," writes Andrea Gronvall in the Reader.

Watch the full trailer for "16 Shots" below.