Annual Chicago Rescue Day Seeks To Save Dogs From Overcrowded City Shelters

Jim Gudas
August 09, 2019 - 1:53 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- An event this weekend seeks to ease the stress on two of Chicago’s animal shelters, which experience a surge in the number of stray and abandoned animals brought to them during summer.

The second annual Chicago Rescue Day, taking place Saturday, brings together more than two dozen animal rescue groups to work with the city of Chicago’s animal shelter and the Animal Welfare League’s facility on the South Side.

Heather Owen is with the dog rescue group “One Tail at a Time,” an organizations participating in Chicago Rescue Day. 

"We will take (the dogs) into our programs and then get them ready so they can be adopted eventually," said Owen.

Owen said the goal is to find homes for about 250 animals from those shelters.

While some of the animals are ready for immediate adoption, she said not all of them are. Those that are not ready will be taken to rescue facilities or foster homes, where they will get the help they need to get ready for adoption, she said.

Owen said the previous Chicago Rescue Day in 2017 — which rescued 256 animals in one day — took a lot of pressure off of the city's shelter and the Animal Welfare League, which then have more room for the strays and abandoned animals that are brought in. By finding homes for some of the animals currently in the shelters, she said there is less need for animals to be euthanized, which is the ultimate goal of local no-kill shelters.