Robinson: Trubisky, Bears Offense Progressing Well

September 24, 2018 - 6:49 pm

(670 The Score) How much is too much for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to handle? That's something up for consideration after the Bears' offense put up another uneven performance in a 16-14 win against the Cardinals on Sunday in Arizona.

Coach Matt Nagy suggested Monday that the Bears may have to scale the offense back for Trubisky if they feel he's taking on too much to a point where it affects his play. But the Bears still found a way to earn a victory against the Cardinals despite a shaky showing from the offense.

"On the fortunate side is that we've been able to come out of these last two weeks 2-1," receiver Allen Robinson told the McNeil & Parkins Show on Monday afternoon. "Knowing the opportunities we've left out there and seeing that we have some things we've left out there, it's kind of good for us that we're still 2-1 not being able to get points when we need to."

As his top target, Robinson gets to see how Trubisky functions in leading the Bears' offense. From the huddle, he gets a vantage point of what Trubisky is planning for each play and the pre-snap work that goes into setting things up.

How much does Trubisky have to handle?

"A tremendous amount," Robinson said. "And that's what's special for him, is seeing how much he has on his plate as far as getting us into the right play and everything like that. He has taken this thing with full grips and helping us win games. That's the most important thing in this league."

The Bears are working through their first year with Nagy and his new system, which has been installed by the offense since his arrival. Three games into the season, it remains a work in progress, which Nagy suggested would be the case.

But have the Bears installed their offense at the right pace?

"It's definitely at a pace that's comfortable for us," Robinson said. "We have a lot of guys in that room that say the more the merrier. We have a lot of playmakers on this team and on this offense. So at the end of the day, we want it as much as we feel like we can."