Rideshare Drivers Protest For Higher Wages, Cap On New Drivers

Craig Dellimore
May 08, 2019 - 5:47 pm

Craig Dellimore/WBBM


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- In what has been a day of protest in several cities, drivers for ride-sharing services like Uber gathered outside Chicago's City Hall to say they are being treated unfairly by the major companies.

A modest crowd of rideshare drivers, most working for Uber or Lyft, marched outside City Hall to voice demands for more money among other things.

Driver Steven Everett, from the Chatham neighborhood, said drivers are making about a third of what they used to, and working longer hours just to survive.

The drivers said they want a cap on the growing number of drivers competing for limited fares and they want to meet with Lori Lightfoot after she is sworn in as mayor. Similar demonstrations were occurring around the nation and in other countries.

"Uber is adding too many drivers into their Uber X and Uber Black," said driver Jinkar Reddy. "Right now we are not getting enough business."

Jinkar Reddy, an Uber driver, told protesters and the press that there is too much competition in the driving field. (Craig Dellimore/WBBM)

Yes, some Uber and Lyft drivers may have turned off their ride-hailing apps in solidarity. But the drivers and supporters demonstrating outside City Hall said this wasn’t a strike in Chicago. It was a protest of low wages — about a third of what they used to make per mile. And driver Dinkar Reddy said the companies are flooding the market.

Protest organizer Lenny Sanchez said the drivers want Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot and aldermen to help them get a fair wage and a cap on the number of drivers allowed to work for Uber and Lyft at one time.