Recap: Suburban Referendum Election Results

April 03, 2019 - 8:46 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- When it comes to tax dollars, voters were hanging on to them in a number of suburbs on Tuesday with one big exception. 

In Hinsdale School District 86, voters said "yes" on whether to borrow nearly $140 million to renovate Hinsale South and Hinsdale Central high schools, saving programs like football, wrestling, swimming, marching band and other sports and activities. 

On Wednesday night, the school board will begin reversing cuts approved in December.

But in Winnetka School District 36, River Trail School District 26, and Komarek School District 94 voters said "no" to borrowing money to pay for school upgrades.

River Grove Library District voters rejected a proposal to raise taxes to borrow $9 million to buy and renovate a building for the new library.

In Burnham, voters voted overwhelmingly to place term limits ont their village office holders. In Cicero, voters indicated they want their police officers to wear body cameras; and in Wheeling, voters rejected a runway expansion question regarding Chicago Executive Airport. 

You can see all of Tuesday's Election Results here.