Man Who Slapped TV Reporter: 'I Got Caught Up in the Moment'

December 11, 2019 - 9:27 am

Things took a weird turn while a TV reporter was at a 10K race over the weekend. 

Journalist Alex Bozarjian was reporting live from the Savannah Bridge Run 10K Race for WSAV-TV on Saturday morning. During her broadcast joggers were throwing their hands up and making silly faces at the camera as they passed by. 

One jogger took things too far and slapped Alex Bozarjian on the bottom in the middle of her live report.

Bozarjian could be seen starring down the man on TV; once she composed herself she continued with her report. She later posted a video of what happened on Twitter. 

On "CBS This Morning," Bozarijan said Tommy Callaway slapped her bottom hard as he ran passed her. In a clip that has been viewed over 11 million times, Bozarijan then looks shocked.

Tommy Callaway is the man that his accused for slapping Bozarijan's bottom during a live report. Callaway said he did not know that he touched that part of her body, according to Inside Edition.

He tells the outlet that he was only planning top wave to the camera and he got "caught up in the moment."

"There was a misjudge in character and decision-making," Callaway said. "I touched her back. I did not know exactly where I touched her … I did not see her facial reaction. I just kept on running, and if I did see her facial reaction, I would have been embarrassed. I'd have felt ashamed, and I would have stopped, turned around and went back and apologized to her."

Director of the Savannah Sports Council, Robert Wells commented on Bozarjians tweet saying he would help identify the man in the video. A spokesperson with the Savannah Police Department told NBC News that authorities have talked with Bozarjian about the incident.