Energy Efficiency Program: Concierge Services Any Business Can Use

Audio: ComEd Energy Doctor Ed Krembuszewski Part 3

October 02, 2019 - 3:05 pm

Managing your business expenses effectively can significantly save your business money. You can noticeably lower your energy bill by establishing and maintaining an energy efficient facility for your business. After a facilities assessment, the next steps are just as crucial to help reduce you energy use.

ComEd's Concierge Services provides businesses Outreach assistant where you can work directly with someone to put your energy efficiency improvements into action. Business owners want to know what steps should be taken once potential project opportunities have been identified after receiving a facilities assessment. Assistance can be provide to help :

• Estimate potential energy savings
• Search and pick a contractor
• Propose and sell project savings to leadership
• Application instructions

ComEd Energy Doctor Ed Krembuszewski discusses how ComEd's Concierge Services can provide businesses the best opportunities for energy efficiency.

How a Facilities Assessment Can Drastically Improve Energy Efficiency for Your Business - ComEd Energy Doctor Ed Krembuszewski Part 2

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