College Student Texts Mom Photo Of Bed With Handcuffs

I'm sure it could have been worse...

Matt Malone
August 23, 2019 - 5:53 am

Well at least now this woman's mom knows what she's REALLY doing at college.

Ella Martine is a college student at Chapman University in Orange, California.  And she just sent a picture of her room to her mom.  But she forgot one thing... she left her HANDCUFFS attached to her bed frame.

Her mom noticed them immediately and called Ella out.  And Ella tweeted the picture and the exchange with her mom, and now the tweet is going viral.

So to all of the parents that just dropped their kids off at one of our beautiful, Central Florida college campuses - Welcome to the next phase of their adult lives. We'll provide their soundtrack to... y'know. WHATEVER.