Raoul, Madigan Discuss Preventive Measures In Wake Of Mercy Shooting

Jim Gudas
November 20, 2018 - 4:03 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The outgoing and incoming Illinois attorneys general are talking about ways to help prevent mass shootings.

Attorney General-elect Kwame Raoul and current Attorney General Lisa Madigan said steps they are recommending could reduce the risk of deadly incidents like the one that occurred Monday at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital.

Raoul his goal is to expand a gun-tracing program used by Chicago Police.

"I'm going to be in conversation with law enforcement throughout the state in this transitional period to see how we can collaborate on tackling this problem on a statewide basis," Raoul said Tuesday.

Raoul also agrees with Madigan that better screening procedures are needed for gun owners who have possibly been in domestic disputes.

"There are some things that the state can be doing," Madigan said. "In particular, looking to see and insuring that if people have orders of protection out against them, if people have been involved in domestic battery. We also have to check whether or not they have access to weapons," Madigan added.

Madigan and Raoul said they don’t have all the details about Monday’s mass shooting, which left four people dead, including a Chicago police officer, two hospital employees and the gunman.