Larry Lawrence takes part in a protest against privatizing the Post Office. (WBBM Newsradio/Terry Keshner)

Postal Workers Protest Trump's Idea To Privatize Postal Service

October 08, 2018 - 2:34 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Postal workers and politicians held a rally Monday at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago to protest President Trump's plans to privatize the Postal Service.

The postal workers and their supporters chanted "U.S. Mail, Not For Sale!" over and over again.

Illinois U.S. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told the assembled that he will fight to preserve the Post Office as a part of the government and advised everyone that they must go to the ballot box next month to support candidates who also want to keep the Postal Service in the public realm.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez thanked postal workers for their "service to our nation" saying the postal service always does its job, rain or shine and even in the brutal Chicago cold and echoed the sentiment of the workers when he said the postal service is "not for sale."

Larry Lawrence has worked for the Post Office in Chicago for more than 30 years. He stood on the corner handing out leaflets to passersby, urging people to support postal workers. Lawrence told WBBM that no other company can deliver a letter across the country for 50 cents the way the postal service can.

Another veteran letter carrier, Guy Thurman, told WBBM that postal workers do more than just deliver mail, they are a vital part of the community, noting that it's a common thing for postal workers to notice mail piling up at someone's home and so they alert authorities that someone might be ill or in need of help.

Similar rallies in support of postal workers were held across the country.

President Trump has said the Postal Service is on "an unsustainable financial path." 

USA Today reported that in 2016 the Postal Service lost more than $5 billion.