Pompei: Observations From Bears-Buccaneers

October 01, 2018 - 10:48 am

(670 The Score) Matt Nagy indicated that he and Bears coaches had an idea that Mitchell Trubisky would play well Sunday after watching him practice during the week. But no one could've predicted Trubisky would have had a better game than any Bears quarterback in history besides Sid Luckman. This is why it’s not a good idea to bet on NFL games.

Here are my observations:

1. If we're voting for a coach of the first quarter of the season, Nagy gets the vote (Mike Vrabel of the Titans would be a close second). Nagy took over a 5-11 team and has guided it to a 3-1 record with impressive leadership and a creative offense. He put together a solid coaching staff. He has struck the right tone at almost every opening and rejuvenated a franchise.

2. The executive of the first quarter of the year is Bears general manager Ryan Pace. He hired Nagy, traded for Khalil Mack, signed free agents who have contributed and is seeing his plan coming together.

3. It's possible we will remember Sunday as the day Trubisky arrived. But it’s also possible he will have more frustrating performances. That’s usually how it goes with inexperienced quarterbacks.

4. Trubisky’s performance was incredible and should be celebrated. But it was just one performance, just like his performance against the Packers was one performance. He lives in a week-to-week world.

5. Trubisky was helped by baffling breakdowns in the Bucs' coverage and outstanding protection. But he made throw after throw and did everything exceptionally well. He took advantage of what was given to him like a veteran would.

6. Trubisky even gave up on plays well.

7. That extreme production from Tarik Cohen on Sunday wouldn’t have happened a year ago. Credit Nagy.

8. The commitment and plan for developing James Daniels is a smart one. It’s pretty amazing that despite the moving parts, the Bears' offensive line performed exceptionally well against a solid defensive front.

9. As good as the Bears were, the Bucs were absolutely pathetic. They couldn’t do anything right. They were flat, sloppy, imprecise and undisciplined. The Bucs were defeated before the opening kick.

10. Bears fans were left with a difficult decision if they had to take a restroom break: miss some of the Bears defense or miss some of the Bears offense? Both sides of the ball were compelling viewing.

11. Mack seems to give the Bears offense the ball more than the opposing punter.

12. The Bears defense was dominating even when Mack was on the sidelines.

13. The more football I watch, the more I'm convinced interceptions are a product of pass rush.

14. From the wet blanket department: with the season one quarter complete, Jordan Howard is averaging 3.2 yards per carry. He's on pace for 812 yards for the season. Cohen had more than twice his rushing yards Sunday with two more carries.  The Bears need more from Howard in the rushing game.

15. I agree with Trey Burton -- it’s the worst possible time to have a bye week. The Bears are relatively healthy and hot. If I were Nagy, I’d want to play again tonight.

Dan Pompei has been covering the NFL since 1985 and is a regular contributor to 670 The Score and a host on 670’s Bears pregame show. He also writes for Bleacher Report and The Athletic. You can follow him on Twitter @Dan Pompei.