PAWS Animal Shelter Needs Your Help To Adopt Rescued Animals From Tornado Zone

Mike Krauser
May 31, 2019 - 11:22 am

Mike Krauser/WBBM


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Volunteers with the Anti-Cruelty Society and PAWS Chicago returned from animal rescue operations in tornado-ravaged Oklahoma today, bringing dozens of dogs that are going to need foster and forever homes. 

Thirty-one dogs made the 15-hour journey in two vans, which arrived to the Little Village Medical Center, 3516 W. 26th St., to a loud cheering crows who applauded their arrival.

The Humane Society of the United States flew about 100 dogs and cats to Northern Illinois from Tulsa and PAWS took in a total of 56 including the two vans, meeting 25 more at the airport. These dogs will go to PAWS shelters, while Anti-Cruelty took in 181 more dogs, plus some cats, from the airport. 

PAWS Chicago

PAWS Spokesperson Sarah McDonald said the shelter will receive more animals from Cherokee County in the coming weeks, adding that the dogs came from various animal shelters impacted by the storm. 

The dogs, who came from the Cherokee County Humane Society, were taken out of the Oklahoma shelter because it is overcrowded with other dogs who have become homeless because of the storms, said PAWS founder and chairman Paula Fasseas.

"People will be lined up and they'll say, 'This is it, I can't move one more time. I have to give up my pet,'" Fasseas said. 

She said it's common for people to drop off their dog at the shelter in times of natural disasters with the intention of coming back a few weeks later. But that creates pile-up and people don't always return.


PAWS Chicago
Fasseas said now the dogs are in need of homes — both permanent and foster. 

Information about fostering a pet through the Anti-Cruelty Society and through PAWS Chicago is available online.

Watch the arrival of the dogs below.