Parole Denied — Again — For Inmate Serving 58 Years for Women Murders

Bernie Tafoya
November 29, 2018 - 1:41 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Parole has been denied again for a 79-year old inmate who has been in a state prison for 58 years for the murders of three women from Riverside.

For the second year in a row, the Illinois Prisoner Review Board voted 7-7, ultimately denying Chester Otto Weger the majority vote he needed to win parole. 

Weger was convicted of murdering 50-year old Lillian Oetting, one of three middle-aged women who were on a hike and killed at Starved Rock in 1960. 

LaSalle County State’s Attorney Karen Donnelly went before the Review Board this morning and argued against parole as Weger has maintained his innocence.

"He’s expressed no remorse whatsoever and he hasn’t been the stellar inmate that would justify releasing him," Donnelly said.

Oetting's granddaughter, Diane Oetting, traveled from Alabama to attend today's hearing and argued to keep Weger behind bars.

Donnelly said that, had Weger been convicted today, the heinous nature of the crime would likely have landed him with a sentence of life in prison without any chance of parole. 

Weger’s lawyer Celeste Stack and a niece of Weger's spoke on his behalf before the Review Board.

State’s Attorney Donnelly said she will continue to attend parole hearings to oppose parole for Weger.

"These were three women that were beaten so brutally that the brother of victim Lillian Oetting couldn’t even identify her," she said.

Weger is one of, if not the, longest-serving inmate currently behind bars in Illinois.