Nursing Home Visits Resume, With Restrictions

Nancy Harty
June 30, 2020 - 4:42 pm
Nursing Home Visits Illinois

(WBBM Newsradio/Nancy Harty)

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A North Shore nursing home held its first family reunion Tuesday since coronavirus brought an abrupt end to in-person visits.  

Maeve Quinlan waved and shouted to her mother from behind a mask as 96-year-old Mary Quinlan walked out of Citadel of Wilmette.  

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Even though they both wore PPE, they didn’t touch at all – opting for an air hug as they sat and chatted six feet apart.

Maeve says they talk on FaceTime daily but seeing her mom in the flesh allowed her to get a better sense of how she’s doing.


Mary confessed she didn’t realize it had been four months since they were last together and called the meeting “wonderful.”

They chatted about simple things like Mary’s long hair and how much the Dublin native enjoys being outdoors.

Citadel admissions director Ally O’Connor said they performed several health screenings before the first reunion and have heard from many relatives eager to follow the Quinlans.

Maeve says it’s very important for her mother to have something to look forward to. The younger Quinlan says her mother frequently forgets why her daughter can’t come see her.