Not Shaking Hands? There's A Wristband For That

Steve Miller
May 26, 2020 - 8:56 pm

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) —A Chicago man who spent 41 years as a toy designer has come up with something he believes will be part of the wave of the future — quite literally.

Eventually people may get close enough to shake hands again. But Jeffrey Breslow advises against it.

He’s designed a wristband with an expression he refers to as “nish.” It is marked by the acronym NSH, which stands for: not shaking hands.

“It came about the first week in March. I came back. I was in Mexico and I heard what was going on,” he recalls. 

“I had a meeting with a guy in a building in downtown Chicago.  We met in the lobby and we kind of reached our hands out, pulled them back, kind of bumped elbows, and it was kind of an awkward moment.”

Breslow says that’s when the idea hit him: A “not shaking hands” wristband that you can wear and wave to the other person.

He says 19% of sales will go toward the First Responders Children’s Foundation. For more information, click here.