In The Northern Suburbs, 'Bagel Man' Asks For Help In Getting A Kidney

Steve Miller
May 17, 2018 - 10:00 pm
Bagel Man

courtesy: Steve Geffen


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A 75-year-old Lincolnshire restaurateur is on a mission to get a kidney transplant, and he's printed 100 T-shirts to help publicize the effort.

WBBM's Steve Miller reports.

Three times a week, Gerry Geffen is on dialysis.

"There are just so many people looking for kidneys now,” he said, “and you've got to get lucky."

So, Geffen decided to make his own luck.

He owns a small string of family restaurants on the North Shore. Most of them serve bagels. And he printed 100 T-shirts for his employees. The T-shirts read: "The Bagel Man Needs a Kidney."

"We've got 100 people. They all call me Papa. There's a reason. Because if they have a problem, how many deals have I gotten them out of -- out of bad things,” Geffen said.

And now Geffen is hoping someone will see the message on all those shirts and agree to donate a kidney.

He says one person has offered so far.

"And if it's not a match to me and he's willing to donate a kidney to help somebody else, more power to him,” he said.