Newsmakers Making A Difference: Tim Brigham, The Superheroes Collective

Julie Mann
October 25, 2018 - 8:23 am

The Superheroes Collective

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- When Tim Brigham's son had to spend time in a hospital, he remembers watching staff members and volunteers go to great lengths to create some smiles, relieve some stress, and let the kids who were in their care escape the reality of a serious illness.

"I stood back, and I was just enamored watching these children, some who were very sick, they are high-fiving each other,  they're getting a toy (and I thought) wow!" he said.

Brigham, a Chicago business man by day, decided he wanted to give back and help children who were facing uncertain futures because of an illness. So he created a charity called The Superheroes Collective and bought a Batman suit. 

Once a year, he heads to a hospital to entertain young patients. 

"I'm a Dad in a Batman suit. I tell jokes. I try to make them laugh. I grab their phones and tell them 'you better take a picture with me' and I take a selfie and tell them 'no one is going to believe I'm here,'" he said.

Brigham said kids aren't the only ones that benefit from his visits. 

"This is not just showing up as Batman. It's almost, almost more important for the parents than it is for the children," he said.

He said it provides a break for the parents and an exhale moment as they watch their child laugh. 

Brigham said this type of charitable work isn't for everyone. He said you are going into an environment where there are kids who are seriously ill. He has been doing it for five years and partners with similar groups to hand out doses of laughter on the floor of a pediatric unit at least once a year. 

The Superheroes Collective

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