Supt. Johnson: 2 Officers Facing Embezzlement Charges Are A 'Disgrace'

Andy Dahn
May 11, 2018 - 7:13 am

Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribuen/TNS


CHCICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A pair of Chicago Police officers, under federal indictment for allegedly stealing evidence, are drawing sharp criticism from department brass.

"If these allegations are proven true, they are a disgrace to everything we stand for," said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. "For that, I want my stars back."

Johnson addressed Thursday the charges against Sgt. Xavier Elizondo and Officer David Salgado while meeting with hundreds of new police recruits.

"If substantiated, these allegations are a disgrace to what I and every member of the Chicago Police Department have dedicated our lives and risked our lives for," he said.

"If those implicated are found to be guilty, not only will they have lost the honor and respect of this profession, they will be criminals."

Federal prosecutors allege the men obtained fraudulent search warrants to steal cash, drugs and cigarettes while working with a gang team on Chicago's West Side. They've been charged with conspiracy to commit theft and embezzlement.

If convicted, they could spent up to 15 years behind bars.