Remembering Kerry Wood's 20-Strikeout Game 20 Years Later

George Ofman
May 06, 2018 - 11:21 am
Kerry Wood



CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) --You never know when history will be made. Chip Caray didn’t. Twenty years ago today he took his seat next to Steve Stone in the WGN Television booth at Wrigley Field and described what was arguably the greatest game pitched in major league history.

“It was a cool, gray, misty gray day at Wrigley Field and some hard-throwing, right-handed guy was pitching for the Cubs,” Caray said.

That guy was Kerry Wood, who would go on to set a National League record striking out 20 Houston Astros.

Wood allowed just one hit, an infield single, and didn’t walk a batter.  It was the middle innings when Caray knew what was happening could be really special.

“On that day he (Wood) had power, precision and a really good breaking ball," he said. "They weren’t just missing his breaking ball and fast ball by an inch or two, they were missing it by 2,3, 4 inches and in some cases, a foot! People forget that was an unbelievably good Astros team”

This was Wood’s first season in the big leagues and Caray’s first with the Cubs. “For me it was a very, very memorable day," he said. "I was very proud and frankly very lucky to have been a part of it and have a front row seat to history.”

(Play-by-play audio courtesy of Channel 9)