Pritzker Greets Supporters In Chicago After Democratic Primary Win

Mike Krauser
March 21, 2018 - 9:35 am

JB Pritzker/Facebook


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- JB Pritzker, fresh from his victory in the democratic primary for governor was out shaking hands and exchanging hugs with supporters on Wednesday morning.

As many politicians do after winning elections, the billionaire businessman stopped at the 95th Street CTA station. 

Pritzker said he feels great having won 98 of 102 counties, including Cook and the collar counties. 

"I feel great this morning. We really did well all across the state. As you know, we won 98 out of 102 counties. As you know, I spent a great deal of time traveling across the state," he said. 

And a great deal of money. Pritzker spent $70 million on the campaign and said, “Illinois is worth it. We need to rescue the state from this Governor who is such a complete failure."

He wouldn’t say whether he has a spending threshold. 

But he did say “we’re going to fight hard to make sure the infrastructure is in place to win and get out message out. That's what we are going to do in the fall campaign.” 

When asked if voters would not get a break he said he will be in front of voters from now until November.

More than half the democrats in the low-turnout election voted for someone else. And Pritzker said he’s going to unite them around the issues he feels strongly about, including jobs and better wages, healthcare and education funding. 

"I'm a progressive democrat who believes in the kitchen table issues - making sure we are lowering the cost of healthcare, lowering the cost of college education and raising wages and creating jobs in the state."

He was still on the attack against his general election opponent, republican Governor Bruce Rauner, saying, “He’s done nothing for working families for three years plus, no healthcare, no jobs, no education funding.  Bruce Rauner has got to go.” 

It appears he’s prepared to spend whatever it takes to defeat the Governor.