Police Believe Antioch Incident, Gurnee Incident, Fatal Shooting To Be Connected

Bernie Tafoya
May 24, 2018 - 12:26 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Police now say incidents involving a man, a woman and a rifle in Antioch on Wednesday are connected with a later incident in Gurnee. 

The Lake County Major Crimes Task Force said a woman shot to death by Gurnee police as she allegedly waved around a rifle on Wednesday on Route 41 near Grand Avenue, is the same woman who may have fired a shot out of a window while being chased by Antioch police on Wednesday morning after fleeing a traffic stop.

Antioch police had approached a car with a man and woman in it after receiving complaints about people soliciting for money.  Major Crimes Task Force spokesman Chris Covelli said the car sped off, hitting an Antioch police squad in the process.

During the chase that followed, Covelli said a witness reported seeing a long barreled gun pointed out of the passenger side window of the car and hearing a gunshot.

Later, that car was seen in front of a home in Antioch.  There was a stand-off for several hours until police moved in and arrested two people, a man and a woman.  Covelli said the woman turned out to have been a second passenger in the car from the earlier incident. She is still in custody, but not charged.  The man was not involved in the earlier Antioch incident and was released from custody.

Wednesday afternoon in Gurnee, police and paramedics showed up to a car where two people had been reported unconscious.  According to Sgt. Covelli, only one person was unconscious by then, the male. The woman was behind the wheel and started to drive away. She went several blocks before crashing and jumping out of the vehicle. 

Covelli said the woman was later spotted in the southbound lanes of Route 41 near Grand Avenue waving around a rifle. 

Gurnee police "engaged" the woman and ended up shooting her. She died. 

The man who was unconscious is believed to have been undergoing an overdose episode, according to Covelli.

Motive is still not being discussed publicly.  Covelli said, "it’s a very large investigation that has multi-layers that expand greatly."

Sgt. Covelli said the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, along with the FBI, are trying to determine if any of the people involved in Wednesday's incidents had anything to do with a bank robbery in Gurnee on Monday.