New Stoplight System May Make Travel Easier Near Naperville

Bob Roberts
March 06, 2018 - 5:39 pm

A smoother drive may be just down the road for motorists in the Naperville area and adjacent portions of DuPage County. 

It’s all because of coordinated stoplights.

DuPage County has the framework for a countywide system, but only 76 stoplights are a part of the system now. The DuPage County Board is expected next week to add 120 in Naperville. It cleared a committee vote Tuesday.

Most of the time the system runs automated programs, but County Engineer Chris Snyder said mating the two systems will allow for better coordination when things go wrong, allowing lights to be re-timed or alternates to handle unusual traffic loads.

A federal grant is covering most of the $4.5 million cost. The link should be in place by late 2019.

Snyder said he eventually would like to see all 900 of the county's stoplights coordinated by the DuPage system.