Come Find Me founder Angelise Tomasino.


New Group Seeks Donations For Victims Of Gun Violence, Addiction

October 14, 2018 - 4:19 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A woman who lost a friend to violence is now asking Chicagoans to pitch in to help others.

Angelise Tomasino's friend was shot and killed on 79th and Pulaski a year ago and now has launched a movement called "come find me" and is asking people to donate items to help those less fortunate by donating old clothes and backpacks and other household items at a community "meet and greet" at  Adams Park at 7535 South Dobson on Sunday, October 28th.

Tomasino tells WBBM that she, herself, is a former addict who has done "bad things" in her life and says everyone who attends to the event should be able to talk to each other about violence and other concerns.

Police, victims of violence, friends of victims and others are all invited to the event. Tomasino says she hopes this event will encourage people to have an open dialogue about gun violence in Chicago.

Tomasino says she already has an "insane" amount of donations surpassing her expectation, she expected a truck full and already has more than that.

She wants this event to be second chance for people who've gone through addictions or have done something bad to redeem themselves in order to create a safer Chicago.