Never Alone Movement Feeds Homeless People Living On Lower Wacker Drive

Andy Dahn
May 20, 2018 - 4:30 pm
Never Alone Movement prepares 500 pounds of chicken to feed homeless people who live on Lower Wacker Drive.

Vincent Kampstra, Never Alone


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A young boy's desire to help others has turned into a weekly tradition for an Indiana couple.

Every Sunday, Tara Schieben and her boyfriend Vincent Kampstra hit the road.

"What we do is just get off on Lower Wacker Drive off Lake Shore Drive," Schieben said. "When we see somebody on the side of the road, we pull over, get out, feed them, clothe them and anything that they need."

This weekend's visit was a special one: They brought more than 500 pounds of fried chicken.

"Everything we do is 100 percent by donation," Scheiben said. "It just keeps growing. We've had people from San Antonio, Texas reach out to us and all kinds of strangers just randomly jump in and donate."

It started in December, when Vincent's 10-year-old brother expressed his desire to help the homeless.

"I took him out and we went around downtown and stuff," he said. "We fed about five people. The way they all reacted to it really opened up my eyes."

Schieben said the Never Alone Movement has become more than just handing out donations.

"We don't go to judge them. We're just there to show them love and show them humanity, just to bring humanity to people."