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Lori Lightfoot Announces Her Run For Chicago Mayor

May 10, 2018 - 7:57 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Former Federal Prosecutor Lori Lightfoot officially entered Thursday morning the crowded field of candidates challenging Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s bid for re-election.

Lori Lightfoot is challenging the Mayor who appointed her to head the Chicago Police Board and lead his task force on police accountability. Lightfoot stepped down Monday that role in anticipation of the announcement, saying in her resignation letter that she planned to "continue my efforts to be a passionate advocate for issues that are critical to uplifting the quality of life for all Chicagoans."

Earlier this week, Mayor Emanuel was asked if he regretted giving her such a platform from which to criticize him, and he walked away from reporters as the question hung in the air.

Lightfoot has also been critical of the Fraternal Order of Police when it has resisted some police reform measures. 

"Change is coming. It would behoove the union to get on the bus and not get run over by the bus, but change is coming," Lightfoot said. "We will be conducting a thorough review of laws, ordinances, general orders, policies, procedures, and of course, the collective bargaining agreements to determine whether there are any impediments to accountability, and if so, we will name them and will identify solutions

If Lightfoot were Mayor, she’d have to negotiate the FOP contract. She has always said she’s willing to cooperate with the FOP officials. Union officials have been skeptical.