Ives Says Rauner Is Telling Lies In Campaign Commercials

Craig Dellimore
March 13, 2018 - 9:16 am

photo provided by Jeanne Ives


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Republican candidate for Governor Jeanne Ives said incumbent Bruce Rauner is just telling lies in the campaign commercials he's running against her.

State Representative Jeanne Ives calls the Governor's commercial attacking her laughable. But, she isn't laughing.

"No it's not funny because he has millions of dollars to lie about who I am and my record," Ives said.

The commercial uses Ives words from an editorial board meeting that make it sound as if she's defending House Speaker Michael Madigan, though she points out her voting record would show she opposes most of what the Speaker does.

"He's taking my words out of context, where I was simply mocking him for blame shifting all of his problems off to Mike Madigan when he was incapable of getting anything done," Ives said.

She said it's Rauner who signed an abortion bill and an immigration bill that conservatives like her oppose and didn't stop other bills the Democrats wanted.

"Even when the Democrats had 100 percent control, they had the House, the Senate, the Governorship, they never put tax payer funding for abortion, they never gave criminal illegal immigrants fugitive status from the law, they never bailed out Chicago Public Schools teacher pension funds," she said.

State Representative Ives is a consistent conservative vote in the Illinois House.