How To Help Your Pet Enjoy Saturday's Snow

Rob Hart
January 19, 2019 - 1:09 pm
dog in winter

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Your dog can enjoy this snowy Saturday.  But one local veterinarian said you should take some precautions.

Dr. David Gonsky said you should not hesitate to take them out, but dress your dog in a coat and booties.

"To protect their feet from the salt that's on the ground that people lay, and from getting packed-in snow on their feet," Dr. Gonsky said.

The cold and snow is prime time for winter breeds with thick coats, who have to sweat out our sweltering summers.

"You can probably dress up pretty warm and spend some time out with your Alaskan or Siberian breed in the cold and snow," he said.

Just make sure they have their winter coats.

"Some people shave their dogs to shorten their hair coats.  We're going to assume for the purposes of saying 'hey go outside and have fun with your Arctic breed' that they have their full hair coat."