Young people are at the museum of Science and Industry for Hebocon today to build the future.

Terry Keshner/WBBM Newsradio

‘Hebocon’ Robot Battle Teaches Kids Science

March 24, 2018 - 5:31 pm

"Crappy Robots" might not sound fun, but that's what young people gathered to build at the Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday morning.

The event, officially known as “Hebocon,” allowed the competitors to use tools, toys and other random items to build robots. Then the robots went to battle.

Donovan Allison and Jacori Johnson, who attend the Howe School of Excellence in the Austin neighborhood, said they teamed up to build a remote-controlled car that also had feet and hands. They called it a "Franken-Car."

They told WBBM the robot had "plastic hands, feet and Legos," and said the real challenge was to give the car the right weight so that it operated properly.

Julie Parenti, a deputy director of communications at the museum, said: "We thought this was a really fun event that really keeps in the spirit of what the museum tries to do.  We really want to explore people, and have them explore, tinkering and building and problem-solving and this kind of event seemed like it was perfectly made for us."

Students and their parents from all over the area, as well as some teachers and others, participated at the event.