Emanuel Defends Madigan, Says He Shouldn't Be Punished For Allies' Actions

Craig Dellimore
June 13, 2018 - 8:43 am
Rahm Emanuel

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel during the All-Star mini-pitch dedication. (Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports)


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Mayor Emanuel said voters should not try to punish House Speaker Michael Madigan for the actions of some close allies who've been named in sexual harassment complaints.

Mayor Emanuel is standing up for House Speaker Michael Madigan at the same time as Republicans continue to call for him to step down over allegations of sexual harassment by some of his close allies.

Some former members of Speaker Michael Madigan’s inner circle face complaints of sexual harassment, abuse or bullying. Mayor Emanuel was asked if he’s worried some female voters might not vote for Democratic candidates because Madigan is chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.

"If individuals want to make a decision about how they want to vote because of one person, they'll make that. But I actually think if you try to solve the problem, not the politics, but actually deal with the whole issue of sexual politics in the office, workplace, or any other situation - if it not to think about it as one person, any more than you think about is as one industry," he said.

The Mayor said you cannot find a solution to a major problem like those highlighted by the #Me Too movement by trying to lay everything on one person. And the Mayor said every industry is dealing with this.

Madigan and Emanuel are close allies.